About Lexi Noise

The band met in North Carolina at Elon University, this 4 piece spent most of their time partying and playing music. Named after a friend of lead singer Q, Lexi Noise was formed in early 2021. They have since played numerous concerts in the South East United States. The newest single “Slam-Piece” was released April 27, 2023 and is part of their newest EP “Stranger”, which releases on May 6th.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Slam-Piece” 

“Slam-Piece” is an arrangement that focuses on a certain madness that embodies lust, relationships and the concept of being “emotionally unavailable”. This song examines this new age of “hook-up” culture, which focuses more on the thorns of the flower but not the actual rose. The inspiration comes from more personal experiences than anything else. We wanted to create something vulnerable in a time where we’ve all experienced love, loss and regret. This piece is backed with tons of Rock & Roll and Soul. Thus, We were able to create something chaotic but still something very poetic in the end.
Lexi Noise

ABOUT THE EP: Stranger 

“In regards to the EP, we wanted to really get out of our comfort zone. It took alot of practice and dedication to explore different techniques and styles of music. However, we wanted to have as much fun as possible. The sounds are all very different, with each song sounding completely unique in comparison to the others. We wanted to keep the rawness as much as possible, showing a lot of color and a side of us that no one has ever seen. Overtime, the sounds on the EP just came naturally. In terms of the recording process, we did everything live. At the end of the day we wanted to honor the originality and core of the song, so fans know our sound is the same when performed live. In terms of song meanings… Well, we’ll leave that to all of you beautiful people.”
Lexi Noise

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