About Katfish

Katfish is a far cry from your average band.

Originally formed in 2000 after Fish and Katmeho met at an Oakland A’s game, the San Francisco-based group went through ebbs and flows, highs and lows, band break-ups and band make-ups, until they found Katya singing karaoke three years ago. It was then that they formed their “antiband”

“In theory, this means that we do the opposite of what a regular band would do,” explains Fish. “We have yet to put most of it into practice, but as a guide, it means (a) we will always open shows, because bands hate that, making us heroes in the eyes of the other bands (b) we are old and have day jobs so we will buy drinks for the audience to encourage them to show up, making us heroes in the eyes of the other bands (c) we will give all the proceeds from any merch sales (ie, $5) to good causes, not making us heroes in the eyes of the other bands.”

“We know what we like, we know how to make it and make it sound the way we want it to…and we know how to have fun onstage and put on a good show,” says Katmeho. “We also know that for the majority of people in music, or in bands or at live venues, this is their livelihood…so we want to buy into that, to support them in those lines of work. We put the fun and the investment into the local music and venue community as the top priorities.”

While re-creating covers with their own spin is the band’s main focus right now, they also plan to bring originals into the mix. Using their individual experiences as musicians (including Fish’s time as a founding member of The Lovemakers), the trio creates a unique sound that is hard to define.

“The songs are not consistent in terms of style, by design,” Fish says of Katfish’s sound. “So maybe no matter what your jam is, you might find something you like in our random burblings.”

Adds Katya, “We’re genre-less and special.”

Katfish is…
Katya: Vocals, wine from a box
Fish: Synthesizers, sequencers, filters, analogue things, twiddly bits, Vespers up
Katmeho: Guitars, Pedals, Gin straight out of the still

“Use Me” (Bill Withers Cover), released November 13th:

While their process for choosing and re-creating songs is hard to describe, in this particular case Katmeho is a huge Bill Withers fan and wanted to do another “groove song” with the band. From there, “…Katmeho fed the chord progression through every instrument plugin he could find and showed up with a glorious cacophony,” says Fish. At the request from Katya to take the tempo and “jack that up” they made the change that brought the whole song together. It’s Bill Withers’ “Use Me”, Katfish-style.

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