About Kabir Green

Kabir Green was raised in the rural woods of Chester County, Pennsylvania by his back-to-the-land hippie artist parents. His dad was a figure in the counterculture movement in Woodstock who spent time with Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsburg, and Ram Dass, lived on a commune with the Grateful Dead, and created album covers for Todd Rundgren and Wavy Gravy. Raised on an organic farm without gas or TV, Kabir first fell in love with music through an eclectic stack of his parents’ records. Inspired by The Beatles, Jackson Browne, Ali Farka Toure, John Cage and Bill Evans, Kabir taught himself to play guitar at 13 and began to write and record his own songs on an ancient 4-track reel to reel. He moved to Brooklyn after college where he composed and performed the score for an Off Broadway musical directed by his childhood best friend. During that time he founded several bands, including The Illumination Band, which set the words of the Sufi Poet Rumi to the strains of Appalachian folk and American blues music. Mining his diverse musical influences and upbringing, Kabir writes songs that are intimate and spiritual, full of doubt and longing, and seeking – in the words of Townes Van Zandt – to examine and possibly alter the state of grace in which we live. Kabir currently lives in Eugene OR with his wife and two sons/future bandmates.

ABOUT THE SONG: “I See Gold” Release date: January 17, 2024

“It’s about struggling with one’s doubts and demons, and discovering hope and light by seeing the world through the eyes of a loved one – even if they feel lost themselves. It’s about how we find ourselves through connection.

This was my first experience moving away from the roots music I’d been playing for close to 30 years and diving into the infinite digital world of synth tones and textures. I recorded it at home, playing every instrument and singing every note. It emerged out of a new stream of consciousness approach where I was able to get out of the way and let something new emerge. ”
Kabir Green

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