About Joan of Arkansas

Sludge pop band from Phoenix, Arizona formed through Tinder and Craigslist. None of us are from Arkansas and no one is named Joan, but we do love a good play on words. Joan of Arkansas is weird, loud, distorted, and lyrically-driven. Bright pop dual vocals peeking through distorted sludgy guitar and bass, then topped off with manic drumming.

Is it pop? Is it punk? Is it noise? That’s for you to decide! Our songs cover the gamut of topics but are often driven deep into what it’s like to be piece a of desert trash blowing through gentrified downtown phoenix landscapes, just tryin’ to survive.

Joan of Arkansas is:
Joshua Lynch – Vocals and bass
Zach Bird – Guitar
Sean Harris – Drums
E.P. Bradley – Guitar
Kayla Long – Vocals

For Fans of: X, the Pixies, the Rentals, Hüsker Dü, Poly Styrene/X-ray Spex, Guided by Voices, the Gits, and Superchunk

ABOUT THE SONG: “Atomic Rose” out on November 25th

“Atomic Rose is a buzzy post-punk/power poppy/60’s inspired little bomb about surviving the apocalypse. When Josh hit us with the lyrics “living off twinkies, fighting off nazis!” We laughed for a solid 10 minutes straight and then got to work. It’s got all the hallmarks of a J.O.A. song: distorted as all get out, fuzzy and dark low end, manic drumming, gang vocals,and more hooks than a tackle box.”
Joan of Arkansas

“Atomic Rose” is the first single from Joan of Arkansas’ new EP, Doomwop – also out on November 25th.

ABOUT THE EP: Doomwop 

“We are total nerds. We love so many styles and genres and often lose entire practices to discussing pointless minutia about every one from Johnny Paycheck to Otis Redding to Superchunk to Sleep. We noticed that a couple of motown/doo wop inspired songs started popping up in our rotation and we did what we do: Uglied them up and went for the sludgiest bass and guitar tones we could. Seriously, the bass intro on Doom Town will loosen your fillings. We came up with the term DOOM WOP to describe these 3 weird lil songs that seemed to be playing by their own weird lil rules. It just made sense to group these 3 together and document these dark, and we think fun as hell lil nuggets.”
Joan of Arkansas

Stream the Doomwop EP or stream the new single “Atomic Rose”

For any more information on the artist, email pr@fromthestrait.com

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