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Jamal Tinkov is a singer/songwriter from St. John’s, NL. He has been playing since the age of 14 and is inspired by such artists as: Kurt Cobain, Gord Downie and Tom Petty. Jamal released his debut single ‘See you Again’ in July 2020 and follow-up single ‘Cruel Love’ in February 2021. He is now a mainstay on St. John’s music stages and completed a short island tour in the summer of 2021 bringing him as far as Corner Brook. Jamal is preparing to release his fourth single entitled “Let’s be Friends” on Sept 30, 2022 as a lead up to his first full length release in November 2022.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Let’s Be Friends” out now

“I think the song is about longing for a simpler time. As I’ve grown older life seems to become more complicated and we lose touch with people that used to be very present in our lives. The track is an ode to those old buddies who you miss and just hoping they’re doing ok!.

This song came relatively quickly one evening when I sat down with my guitar. I had the bulk of the guitar arrangement and lyrics within a couple of hours. I then took it to my producer Robert Kelly and we reworked some of the arrangement and he helped write a riff for the breaks and we had the bones of the song. From there we got the band to play on it and Robert worked his magic to the final result. A fun tidbit about this track is that the vocal that is used on the final version is actually the guide vocal used in the original demo. We did many different takes but we were never able to capture the vibe and feel of the original vocal track so we just ended up using that!”
Jamal Tinkov

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