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In the 8-bit world of Video Gaming and Music, Jumpin’ Johnny’s legendary story unfolds during a high-stakes gaming tournament. Johnny, known for his lightning-fast reflexes in gaming, drumming, and playing the bass faced a final level challenge against an unbeatable boss.

As the crowd held its breath, Johnny seamlessly translated his gaming prowess into the sickest of grooves. Every hit on the drum kit mirrored his in-game actions, every note on the bass cutting through with a rumble to parallel the gods. Creating a synchronized spectacle. In a dramatic finish, Johnny defeated the virtual boss with a perfectly timed drum solo, and a well timed belch. Earning both the in-game victory and the crowd’s thunderous applause.

From that moment, Jumpin’ Johnny became a gaming icon, proving that mastery in both the digital and musical realms could converge into an extraordinary performance. His story continues to inspire gamers and music enthusiasts alike, making him a living legend in the retro gaming scene.

Flyin’ Ryan’s saga in the “Game Changer” universe unfolds during a live performance in a virtual reality concert. As the band played, a glitch in the virtual realm caused a rift in the concert space, threatening to disrupt the experience for the audience. The ENTIRE band disappeared 😮 !

Undeterred, Flyin’ Ryan, the synth wizard, guitar hero that he is, tapped into his knowledge of both gaming and music to create an impromptu solution. Using his mastery of glitch aesthetics, he seamlessly incorporated the virtual hiccups into the music, turning potential chaos into a mesmerizing audio-visual spectacle.
The glitch-infused symphony not only saved the concert but also elevated Ryan to new heights. Flyin’ Ryan’s ability to turn challenges into creative opportunities became a defining moment, solidifying his reputation as the sonic sorcerer of the digital age. The glitchy harmonies and futuristic melodies from that performance are still talked about as a testament to Flyin’ Ryan’s innovation in the world of retro-futuristic music.

Jumpin’ Johnny and Flyin’ Ryan’s paths crossed in the heart of an arcade, where the rhythmic beats of Johnny’s drumming caught Ryan’s attention. Intrigued by the unique fusion of music and gaming, Ryan, the synth virtuoso, approached Johnny with the idea of creating a band that would seamlessly blend their two worlds.

United by their passion for retro video games and a shared vision of crafting a new musical experience, Jumpin’ Johnny and Flyin’ Ryan embarked on a creative journey. The duo spent countless hours in the arcade, jamming to the sounds of classic games and experimenting with musical interpretations of pixelated landscapes.

Their collaboration blossomed into “Game Changer,” an 8-bit retro video game band that seamlessly blended Jumpin’ Johnny’s percussive prowess with Flyin’ Ryan’s futuristic synth wizardry. Their music became a nostalgic odyssey through the golden age of gaming, captivating audiences with a unique audio-visual fusion.

From that chance encounter in the arcade, Jumpin’ Johnny and Flyin’ Ryan forged a musical partnership that transcended the boundaries of gaming and music, creating a lasting legacy as the dynamic duo behind the unforgettable “Game Changer” experience. Get into it.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Just Sayin” released on February 29th

“Just Sayin” is the latest single from Game Changer, from their Sidescroller EP released on the same day.

The song is about overcoming the curveballs that life can throw at you; that there are many new and different things that can weigh you down, and it’s up to you to cut the cord and go with it.”
Flyin’ Ryan

Taking life by the reigns.
Jumpin’ Johnny

Stream “Just Sayin” – Out On February 29th

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