About E.P. Lepp

E.P. Lepp is the moniker and solo project of musician Eric Lepp. No stranger to the stage, Eric has been a longtime staple in the indie music scene, most notably as a member of Birds of Ontario where he earned critical acclaim as a songwriter and performer. He’s now carving out a name for himself as a singer-songwriter and producer.

“I always wanted to play guitar and sing songs from a very young age, however I didn’t start playing guitar till I was about 12 years old just after losing my mother to cancer,” the artist says of his musical beginnings. “It was a way to focus my energy into something positive while I was grieving the loss of my mother. It gave me many moments of joy in an otherwise pretty dark point in my life”

As the pandemic halted live music and stunted many artists’ plans, Lepp found himself motivated to build a space where he could let his musical creativity flow. Armed with a DIY attitude, he created The Hodgepodge Garage studio. While familiarizing himself with the space and equipment, it became clear that an album was beginning to take shape. 

Bats in the Boathouse, the debut album from E.P. Lepp, was born.

ABOUT THE ALBUM Bats in the Boathouse 

“I began writing songs with wordsmith Mike McNeil for Bats in the Boathouse about a year ago. Mike has such a unique gift as he can just write pages and pages of brilliant words and it seems to be effortless for him. the songs came together very quickly as Mike and I would have a bit of a back and fourth with the words… once the words were finished I would sit down with lyrics and the music just flowed out quickly and naturally. 

I recorded the acoustic and the vocal first and then sent the tracks to Jeff Luciani and Jake Zapotoczny for them to add the rhythm section. Jeff and Jake just get it, you don’t have to give them hardly any direction at all….I’m so very fortunate that I’ve been able to collaborate with them over the years.

Laurel Minnes also added some soulful backing vocals on 1000 Tears, Next to You and Chains. She has such an incredible voice. It has a sort of a vintage throw back quality to it.

James Moore played the Guitar solo for Red Sky and hit it out of the park! He really is the best guitar player I’ve ever worked with.” – E.P. Lepp

Cover art: Kristin Lepp 
Cover art design: Big Head Ideas


“Humbled is about how we are all only human. Even the biggest stars or the richest folks have terrible days… nothing is forever so we should just be more understanding of each other.” – E.P. Lepp

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Photos and Cover Art - Photo credit: Pam Code

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