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Imagine that Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro had a baby that were really into Blink-182! There you have Astro-Lloyd, energetic, alternative rock from Malmö, Sweden. Astro-Lloyd is all about the love for music. Constantly seeking to widen their musical horizon by using inspiration from a variety of genres and creating their own sound and energetic live performances.

They find their biggest influences in Biffy Clyros lust to experiment, the arena choruses of Foo Fighters and top this off with energy from bands like The Hives and Royal Republic Formed in 2011, they found their place in alternative rock and the DIY-scene. Being into the DIY-scene, Astro-Lloyd have made two releases by themselves, EP Planet Unknown in 2014 and debut full-length album Astro Life in 2017. All of Astro-Lloyd’s music videos are written, filmed and directed by the band. They have always wanted to get those interested in music together, arranging concerts in Malmö with bands like The Sigourney Weavers, Hedda Hatar and Death by Horse, with the goal to get the
audience to discover new music.

To get out and play is a big part of Astro-Lloyd. They’ve been around Sweden a couple of times, visits to Denmark, Netherlands have been made. They finished the ’Astro Life’ album cycle with a tour through Germany in March 2019 before starting work on album number 2, first singles planned for release autumn/winter 2021.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Antlers” – out now

“The first version (music only) of Antlers was written in late 2018 by our old bass player. When he quit the band in 2019 he wanted to keep the music so we just wrote a new song around the lyrics and melodies. This was a first for us as we usually write the music first, then comes up with the lyrics and melodies. But it was a great experience and almost exactly what the song is about. We’ve had a habit in the past of making things a lot harder than it has be, when in reality there’s almost always a simple solution. As we say at the beginning of the song and then the chorus ‘The solution, so simple’.

Inspiration for the song came from the “old” lyrics, just wanting to be better and not make it more difficult than it has to be. We sat in our rehearsal space, trying to feel the song just from the vocals and came up with the main guitar riff from that.

The recording process was pretty simple. We had a friend of the band help us with the drums then we did the rest ourselves as usual. It’s great to do it by ourselves, we can take our time, try everything we want to without stress.”

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