About Arih SK

Arih SK is an artist living and working in St. Catharines, Ontario. He’s known for writing short, slightly upbeat songs with simple melodies about loss, nostalgia, family, and relationships.

Arih’s third album, Hold It Together, is about the struggle to keep yourself and your relationships from falling apart. Every day and over time you get pulled in many directions. Jobs, projects, family, friends, new things, old things. There’s always too much to do and not enough minutes. People slip away, friendships fade, chores pile up, and it feels like time is somehow running out. You find things to hold on to – keepsakes, mementos, souvenirs – but more importantly you find people you like to be with. You spend time together and share memories. To really hold anything together, it takes people – family, friends, relationships. During the workweek, Arih is designing and inspecting bridges, but after dinner, he takes his kids down to the park for a swing or to the ice rink for hockey practice or to the pool for swimming lessons. You hold things together for your family and then your family holds you together.
ABOUT THE SINGLE: “Miss You Like I Should” 

“”Miss You Like I Should” is a song about loss and guilt. Loss is sad. But there’s a special kind of sadness when you have lost someone important and enough time has passed that you don’t feel it every day. In those moments of forgetting, the grief is gone, but when you realize that you forgot, there is a feeling of guilt, and I find myself asking why I don’t miss you like I should? ”
Arih SK

ABOUT THE ALBUM: Hold It Together – out on November 22nd

The album name comes from the first song, “Hold It Together”. At the beginning, there is a sample of my youngest daughter talking and singing. I think she was around two then and now she’s five. Every time I hear it, I’m hit by the passage of time. Every year it hits harder. So much has changed. It feels sad and beautiful all at once. There are nature sounds throughout the song, and at the end there is a recording of a toy lullaby that she would fall asleep to. So to me, the song feels a bit like a day and a night that starts and ends with family. You hold things together for your family and then your family holds you together. The last song on the album, Let’s Let Time, is about giving in to the flow of time and letting go because we change over time and nothing can last forever.”
Arih SK

Recorded and Mixed by Amanda Parker at The Shop in St. Catharines
Mastered by Siegfried Meier, Beach Road Mastering

Stream the album Hold It Together featuring focus single, “Miss You Like I Should”

For any more information on the artist, email pr@fromthestrait.com

Photos and Cover Art (Credit: Amber Lee Willams)

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