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Emerging from the ashes of several bands ranging from Richmond, VA to Baltimore, MD. Angry Son skillfully blends Alt Rock with an Emo tinge accompanied with an infectious authenticity. Coming off the heels of 2021’s release “For You, Wherever You Are” Angry Son’s new single “Cope” ushers in a new era for the band. “No pressure No expectations” was the motto used during the recording process that liberated Angry Son to create “Cope” in a no holds barred type of environment. Ensuring that no idea was left unexplored.

“Cope” takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with nostalgic highs and cathartic lows. The perfect summer time jam for those long drives with the music blasting. “Cope” wouldn’t have been possible without our friends Mike Bridgett of The Monster House Recordings (Turnover, Have Mercy, Sharptooth) and Mat Kerekes (Citizen). “Cope” will be available to stream on all platforms May 27th.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Cope” out on May 27th

“”Cope” is a melancholy feel good song that is perfect for your long drives. It confronts mental health in a positive way that acknowledges everything isn’t always perfect, but everything will always be alright.

“Cope” was written and recorded outside of Baltimore, MD with Mike Bridgett of The Monster House Recordings (Turnover, Have Mercy, Sharptooth). The idea behind the recording process was to leave everything on the cutting room floor. With no expectations, and not trying to fit into a box we were able to live in the moment and be as creative as possible. Once recording was completed the song was mixed/mastered by Mat Kerekes (Citizen).”
Angry Son

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